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Baselworld 2019 | One Minute With Michel Loris-Melikoff
Michel Loris-Melikoff took the helm as Baselworld’s Managing Director in July. How will the show change under his leadership? What move...
le 01-10-2018

WatchTrippin 2018 - Episode II - A rich Geneva day!
In this new episode of our WatchTrippin adventure, we mixed a few experiences all occurring in Geneva as we visited the Patek Philippe ...
le 28-09-2018

TORNOS - Automation - Workpiece handling
Automation is a key component of Industry 4.0. Every Tornos machine can be equipped with a standard automation module or an automation ...
le 28-09-2018

CSEM Teaser
Technologies that make the difference Voir la société [youtube:qipTEIXpNc4] ...
le 26-09-2018

WatchTrippin 2018 - Episode 1 - Geneva greet!
Today we are starting to share with you the first episode of our WatchTrippin adventure held this year. This included some some excitin...
le 21-09-2018

Walkthrough Famous German Watchmaker A. Lange & Söhne
This special visit of A. Lange & Söhne was for sure a fantastic experience and we are very happy to share this rather long video with y...
le 17-09-2018

Horology Forum Panel 5: Genta and Daniels’ punctual yet untimely legacy
Moderated by: John Reardon with Christine Hutter, Fabrizio Buonamassa, Michael Tay, Roger Smith and Stacy Perman Voir la société ...
le 14-09-2018

Horology Forum Panel 4: When David Clocks Goliath
Moderated by: Jack Forster with Edouard Meylan, Grégory Dourde, Pascal Raffy and Stephen Forsey Voir la société [youtube:ymJAuq41...
le 13-09-2018

Horology Forum - The British Watch Industry – Colonizing Greenwich Meridian
Moderated by: Dr. Andrew Hildreth with Peter Speake-Marin, Richard Stenning, Roger Smith, Stephen Forsey Voir la société [youtube...
le 12-09-2018

Horology Forum - Cultural Clout – The iBuyer Cult
Moderated by: Barbara Palumbo with Christophe Nicaise, Dario Spallone, Fiona Krüger and Peter Speake-Marin Voir la société [youtu...
le 12-09-2018

PRIMETIME - Watchmaking in the News - Summer 2018
This summer has most definitely not been short of watchmaking activity, both on the business side of things, but also on the number of ...
le 07-09-2018

Muller Machines - Pfauter P200 CNC
Depuis plus de 90 ans, Muller Machines SA s'est forgé une réputation de qualité et de fiabilité dans le monde entier. Visitez sur 15'00...
le 05-09-2018

HYTwatches - COATING
The coating of the capillaries in an HYT watch is one of its most expensive elements. It has the crucial task of ensuring the two liqui...
le 04-09-2018

At HYT we refer to the meeting of the two liquids representing time past and time forward, i.e. the present, as a “marriage”. Both flui...
le 04-09-2018

HYTwatches - DYE
Finding a dye with the necessary visibility, esthetics, durability and UV resistance to represent time’s passage led to the sphere of a...
le 04-09-2018

Incredible Historic Tools Collection for Watchmaking
Today we are bringing you a very special report on a man who has been collecting and restoring incredible machines and tools used in wa...
le 23-08-2018

Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing coming to Watchmaking?
Will we ever be able to print out a watch by ourselves? Sounds appealing, but the technology is not totally there yet despite some seri...
le 23-08-2018

Concepto Watch Factory - Système différentiel à trois tourbillons
Concepto Watch Factory SA De la conception à la fabrication intégrale des calibres, la manufacture assure absolument toute la chain...
le 17-08-2018

EPHJ 2018 - Table Ronde - Femmes
EPHJ 2018 - Table Ronde - Femmes Voir la société [youtube:tIdZtLCktg8] ...
le 12-07-2018

EPHJ 2018 PITCH : INITIUM 14.06 Voir la société [youtube:musAFf8dq10] ...
le 10-07-2018
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