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Best Watches of 2018 according to the GHPG
In today's video report we come back on the winning watches of the recent GPHG ceremony which took place in Geneva on November the 9th....
le 15-11-2018

Maître Frères SA - Injection plastique de haute technicité
Maître Frères SA, votre spécialiste en injection plastique de haute technicité depuis 40 ans. Voir la société [youtube:MOsiDDPiYs...
le 07-11-2018

La 18ème édition du Grand Prix de l'Horlogerie
Après Venise, Hong Kong et Singapour, les 72 montres sélectionnées par le jury du Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) sont arrivée...
le 06-11-2018

WatchTrippin 2018 - Visiting Girard-Perregaux - Episode IV
In today's episode of our WatchTrippin adventure, we headed with our team for La Chaux-de-Fonds in the Canton de Neuchâtel. This city i...
le 29-10-2018

Women in Watchmaking: the young watchmaker
Hello and in today’s video we continue with portraits of women that we have the chance to meet when we go around for our various shooti...
le 18-10-2018

CSEM - Technologies that make the difference
At CSEM, people use their minds and their hearts to help companies become ever more competitive, seeking out new opportunities with pas...
le 11-10-2018

Watchmaking Doubleface Pocket Watch Repairing
Doubleface Pocket Watch Repairing by Steffen Pahlow, Doubleface Taschenuhr Reparatur durch Steffen Pahlow. [youtube:Yj8SlwItmoc] ...
le 04-10-2018

Baselworld 2019 | One Minute With Michel Loris-Melikoff
Michel Loris-Melikoff took the helm as Baselworld’s Managing Director in July. How will the show change under his leadership? What move...
le 01-10-2018

WatchTrippin 2018 - Episode II - A rich Geneva day!
In this new episode of our WatchTrippin adventure, we mixed a few experiences all occurring in Geneva as we visited the Patek Philippe ...
le 28-09-2018

TORNOS - Automation - Workpiece handling
Automation is a key component of Industry 4.0. Every Tornos machine can be equipped with a standard automation module or an automation ...
le 28-09-2018

CSEM Teaser
Technologies that make the difference Voir la société [youtube:qipTEIXpNc4] ...
le 26-09-2018

WatchTrippin 2018 - Episode 1 - Geneva greet!
Today we are starting to share with you the first episode of our WatchTrippin adventure held this year. This included some some excitin...
le 21-09-2018

Walkthrough Famous German Watchmaker A. Lange & Söhne
This special visit of A. Lange & Söhne was for sure a fantastic experience and we are very happy to share this rather long video with y...
le 17-09-2018

Horology Forum Panel 5: Genta and Daniels’ punctual yet untimely legacy
Moderated by: John Reardon with Christine Hutter, Fabrizio Buonamassa, Michael Tay, Roger Smith and Stacy Perman Voir la société ...
le 14-09-2018

Horology Forum Panel 4: When David Clocks Goliath
Moderated by: Jack Forster with Edouard Meylan, Grégory Dourde, Pascal Raffy and Stephen Forsey Voir la société [youtube:ymJAuq41...
le 13-09-2018

Horology Forum - The British Watch Industry – Colonizing Greenwich Meridian
Moderated by: Dr. Andrew Hildreth with Peter Speake-Marin, Richard Stenning, Roger Smith, Stephen Forsey Voir la société [youtube...
le 12-09-2018

Horology Forum - Cultural Clout – The iBuyer Cult
Moderated by: Barbara Palumbo with Christophe Nicaise, Dario Spallone, Fiona Krüger and Peter Speake-Marin Voir la société [youtu...
le 12-09-2018

PRIMETIME - Watchmaking in the News - Summer 2018
This summer has most definitely not been short of watchmaking activity, both on the business side of things, but also on the number of ...
le 07-09-2018

Muller Machines - Pfauter P200 CNC
Depuis plus de 90 ans, Muller Machines SA s'est forgé une réputation de qualité et de fiabilité dans le monde entier. Visitez sur 15'00...
le 05-09-2018

HYTwatches - COATING
The coating of the capillaries in an HYT watch is one of its most expensive elements. It has the crucial task of ensuring the two liqui...
le 04-09-2018
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